Todays attitude toward Monday isn’t simply because it’s Monday but because
she came upon me without me expecting her… no I am not talking about the day
I am talking about the wicked witch of the womb…. 🙂 One more month of waiting
to see if we will get pregnant, when we will get pregnant. WHEN we will get
pregnant.. I know it is going to happen. I have been asking God for this since
well probably since I Was 12. I have always wanted to be a mommy, and 
I know that in my heart I am already a mommy, so in a sense He has fulfilled his
promise to me. I have been a nanny for over 10 years, and ALL of the kids that
I have taken care of have taken little pieces of my heart, and I will ALWAYS love 
them like they were my own. I still keep in contact with almost all of them. 
BUT that is not the same as having a mothers love. Loving AS a mother. 
My husband and I are licensed to Foster and we are hoping to take in a little
one to love HOPEFULLY soon, but again we are in the waiting process, and I 
know that God is teaching us patience, which is a very LARGE pill to swallow. 😦
BUT I also know that when it happens, and when it’s FOREVER that it will be THE
single most amazing thing that has ever happened in our lives. Whether it be
OUR’s by blood, or ours because the HAND of God single handedly plucked
that baby out of a HORRIBLE situation and decided that they are going to be OUR
little one that He is going to lend to us on this earth, let me insert a PRAISE JESUS!


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