HARD day… :(

today I had to make a decision… a VERY Hard decision… 

We got a puppy, his name is Harvey, about 6 months ago. I love him with all of my heart, but we also have another dog, Marty.
She is 4 and is set in her ways, she almost seems like a human in that she doesn’t like other dogs, I really thinks that she is human. Well, my husband and I have been getting licensed to foster-adopt and Harvey, likes to well…. eat his poop, he brings it into the living room, onto the couch, he brings it all over, I can’t have that if I am going to have a baby crawling around…. 😦

today I had to decide that we are going to find a new home for Harvey! 😦 

I am beyond sad even thinking about it because he is my baby, he loves his mama, and I am going to give him to someone else…. will he adapt? Will he be sad? I want him to be happy….


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